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Spielberg Meeting Scripters World is a free, self-paced, online, non-credited, autodidactic program that was created to help the would-be screenwriter learn the craft of screenwriting.   The Scripters World curriculum provides the novice with beginner, intermediate and advanced knowledge of the craft of screenwriting.   Scripters World utilizes the wealth of free material that is available on the internet and other sources.   We have organized the material into an extensive curriculum which places great emphasis on developing and perfecting the story's dramatic structure at the outline level before beginning the actual script. 

There is not a formal registration.  There is no membership.   You simply read and use the Curriculum to learn the craft of screenwriting while using the "Personal Help Tools (PHT)" to practice.  Just like any other form of writing,  you must write often, whether you are in the mood or not.  Keep to it!

Prozac for Ms. Hatcher There are four levels (grades) on Scripters World: Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior.   The Grades are simply a means of organizing the material.   If you apply yourself to the material and assignments at each level and utilize the "Personal Help Tools" that are available, you will produce a good screenplay*.   Finally, a "school" where you are completely in control! 

If you have already completed a script or two, but are unhappy with the results, you can use Scripters World as a rewriting process.   If you are an accomplished screenwright and would like to share your knowledge and experience with some of those involved with Scripters World, we welcome your knowledge and fellowship. 

Scripters World Benefits

  • Free Comprehensive Curriculum 
  • Free Online Assistance via "Personal Help Tools" 
  • Free Screenwriting Critiquing Groups - SWCG. 
  • Fellowship With Other Screenwrights - Forums 
  • Providing A Systematic Regime - Order To Chaos 
  • Work At Your Own Pace 
  • Complete One Or More Good Screenplays* 
Join SW How To Get Started:
  1. Use the Curriculum to learn the craft of screenwriting. 
  2. Utilize the "Personal Help Tools" to apply what you are learning. 
  3. Visit the screenwriting forums (message boards) to interact with other screenwriters. 
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* What we mean by a "good screenplay" is actually entirely up to you.   We provide all the "tools" possible short of free script doctoring to assist you in writing your screenplay(s).   One can't ask for much more than that.   SW is free but it's up to you to give it your best and we'll help you do that. 
Bob Gill, Founder.
Chris Canter, Webmaster.  
Scripters World began 04-01-2000 and is non-profit & non-credited originally based in Dallas TX USA. As of 01-01-2002, Scripters World is based in Colorado Springs CO USA. 
 Copyright © 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 Gill/Canter, Scripters World.   All rights reserved.
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